Friday, July 24, 2015

I Love TaeKwonDo

The boys have a new hobby that they just love and has been so good for them. We found a smokin hot deal on summer taekwondo lessons and since it was something we had discussed before for the kids, we decided to jump on the deal.  The boys took to it quickly and love it!  It is a great outlet for all their energy and it has taught them a lot of respect and discipline already. It has been so fun to watch them too!  Here's a few pictures of their first 3 weeks of lessons! 

Bowing in respect to the flags:



More punching:

Lots of kicking: 

And even a little bit of pushing and shoving sumo style:

Eli even told his master he could jump really high, so his master showed him how high he could jump. Pretty cool! 

Monday, July 13, 2015

4th of July Weekend!

Warning, picture overload is to follow:  

After a very hot few weeks here, we decided a weekend to the coast was much needed.  But first a trip to Great-Grandma Keyser's for our traditional 4th of July BBQ.  

Little miss was very excited to celebrate her very first 4th of July! 

                                                               I love these little girlies!

                                                              LB LOVES giving kisses!

Then it was off to the river!

Our drive down to Coos Bay to Great Grandma Goodman's house was gorgeous!  The kids were actually the ones who pointed out how beautiful the sunset was! 

It was quite late when we pulled into Great Grandma's, The kids were real troopers on that long drive! 

The next morning we were off to the tide pools in Great Grandma's backyard. The kids had a great time exploring all the little creatures out there! 

                              Both mornings were spent eating yummy sour dough pancakes!

We had a really nice time, but it was quickly time to head on home.  On the way, we stopped at another beach.  It is always an extra special treat to get to be at the beach on a warm day!

Even LB LOVED the water, it was much warmer than usual! 

She's a lil beach bum for sure!  This was her very first trip to the ocean and she loved it! 

                                              It was a really fun family oriented weekend! We are blessed!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

New School Year!

Yep, we started another school year in July!  We love this school schedule and the kids have been begging to get started again!  It has also been nice to get some school done on these really hot summer days when the kids can't be outside anyway.  

One thing I have noticed this year already is that I am much more organized and relaxed about it!  So it is nice to have one full year under our belts.

This year Mr Eli is in K4 preschool.  He is excited to get to the reading and writing and in the few short weeks since we began I am really proud of how well he has taken to it!  He's always begging to do even more school work so he's getting that love of learning!

Princess Bina is in her 3 year old preschool year.  She loves anything that includes painting or gluing or stickers!  It's a good thing that preschool includes a lot of those things!

And Mr Malachi is now starting his Kindergarten year. I am so glad that we are homeschooling because I can't imagine sending him off to school each and every day. I would miss him a lot!  He also has a great love of learning and he makes school time feel easy because he is so smart and catches on to new things with ease.  Looking forward to his mind growing even more this year!  

Well we are on our way and excited for what this year holds!  

Friday, June 19, 2015

On Fatherhood

I won the lottery of life with the man who is the father of my children.  As I look at this incredible life I have with this incredible partner to walk through life with, I feel nothing but blessed.  Before we married, I didn't know exactly how Peter would react to fatherhood as he had very limited experience with children.  But for some reason he agreed to marry me, knowing full well that I wanted a house full of kids!

What I find so amazing about this guy, is how he values and makes time for his family.  He works very long hours and heads out the door by 5:30 AM each day so that he can get home to the family at a reasonable time.  He walks through the door and plays with the kids and helps around the house until the kids are tucked into their beds and the housework is done.  He never complains either.  

  He was right by my side in the calling of adoption for our family.  I don't know if everyone understands this, but the adoption process makes women, well a little bit crazy!  Our mama hearts are tender during the wait.  But he was by my side and tried to help me as best as he could.  I will never forget those first days of fatherhood with him.  He was nervous going into it, but took to it like a pro and Mal and him bonded in a special way!   He took on way more than his share of the duties as I was quite sick, being in my first trimester at the same time.  I fell more in love with him, watching him fall in love with our son and our son's country! 

I will never forget driving to the hospital after my water broke with Eli.  I was scared and you could tell Peter was a bit nervous too, but he was holding us together.  He was our rock through the moments after Eli was born.  He never hesitated as I was a wreck to take control of the situation.  He was by Eli's side the whole time and I fell more in love with him because of that!  He took such good care of all of our little family in those days!

And then there was the Princess. Who has had her daddy wrapped since the day she was born!  I don't think many men could handle growing as quickly as we grew.  But he has been by my side every step of the way. The days were so hard back when we had 3 babies but we made it through and I owe it all to him for picking up more than his fair share of the responsibilities. 

And then we've grown again since last Father's Day.  Again, I don't understand why he signed up for my crazy, but I'm glad he did.  He never once hesitated when I told him I was ready to adopt again. His love for those who need loved is inspiring.  Not only did I fall more in love with him as he loved our newest daughter, but I fell in love with him as I watched him tenderly show love to her birth mama.

Yeah, my man is pretty impressive!  I am so grateful to go through this life with a man who loves me and loves our children and works diligently to take care of and provide for us.  I love that the first thing all the kids do when they hear the key opening the front door is run to get hugs and kisses because they adore him!  He wrestles and does things with them that I never would, but he also tenderly tucks them into bed at night after reading the Bible, prays over them, and gives them hugs and kisses.  My children fully know a father's love and for that I am grateful!

"He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it." ~Clarence Budington Kelland